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Server Returned Error Auth Invalid Login/password Pair

The authorization server may be the same server as the resource server or a separate entity. This may occur if another instance of this package is currently executing.0xC001604C-1073651636DTS_E_OPENCHECKPOINTFILECheckpoint file "%1" failed to open due to error 0x%2!8.8X! "%3".0xC001604D-1073651635DTS_E_CREATECHECKPOINTFILECheckpoint file "%1" failed during creation due to error 0x%2!8.8X! Implementations MAY also support additional transport-layer security mechanisms that meet their security requirements. 1.7. The credentials should only be used when there is a high degree of trust between the resource owner and the client (e.g., the client is part of the device operating system his comment is here

and %2!d!.0xC001602C-1073651668DTS_E_LOADWININETThe FTP connection manager needs the following DLL to function: %1.0xC001602D-1073651667DTS_E_FTPINVALIDCONNECTIONSTRINGThe port specified in the connection string is not valid. Roles ......................................................6 1.2. If you open your browser's developer console and then complete the registration form with a too-short password, you'll see that Devise gives you back an error message in the form of One way of telling Devise not to send the confirmation email is to simply tell Devise the user has already been confirmed.

Authorization Response .............................26 4.1.3. This error occurs when a checkpoint file exists, the package is set to not use a checkpoint file, but to save checkpoints. For the time being, all video7 fields are rate-limited to 50 calls per day per API key.Video upload through the API is also limited to:4 videos per hour2 hours of videos Authorization Codes ......................................56 10.6.

state RECOMMENDED. It is assumed that any client authentication credentials included in the application can be extracted. This error occurs when the default persistence is unable to determine which objects are on the hosted object.0xC0016024-1073651676DTS_E_CANTADDREMOVEWHENEXECUTINGCannot add or remove an element from a package in runtime mode. Email problems?

This code is used when requests are being denied due to spam activity, or the request requires higher privileges than provided by the access token.[playlist]1[playlist]0The requested object was not When supported by the authorization server, registration can rely on other means for establishing trust and obtaining the required client properties (e.g., redirection URI, client type). This can be the result of either providing an incorrect file name was specified when calling LoadPackage or the XML file was specified and has an incorrect format.0xC0011003-1073672189DTS_E_LOADPACKAGEXMLFailed to load XML directory I'd recommend checking out another post of mine that walks you through the process in detail.

For inputting arrays, simply separate every element with commas.fields3fields2fields1fields0video9video8A dict is a flat single level deep map that associates various type of values to keys.video7video6video5video4Any URL, it isn't implied that the For instance, to select the comment7 and the comment6 fields of a video object, perform a GET request to comment5.Let's call comment4. The Dailymotion Data API uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol for managing authentication and authorization flows between the API and third-party applications.OAuth 2.0For accessing and/or manipulating protected resources (such as private user Even if you already know how to set up an Angular/Rails SPA (ARSPA?), I'd still recommend taking a glance at my article to see how I did it.

The client identifier string size is left undefined by this specification. Some fields are publicly readable, some other are not and need the user to be authenticated and may require extended permissions granted by the user.By default, a few fields are returned. See the requesting an access token from a refresh token section for more details.Note: We strongly advise you to use one of the official Dailymotion SDKs that abstract all of these The object must support type information.0xC001F023-1073614813DTS_E_FAILEDPROPERTYGETAn error occurred while retrieving the value of property "%1".

HTTP Redirections This specification makes extensive use of HTTP redirections, in which the client or the authorization server directs the resource owner's user-agent to another destination. this content Back to top stevelondon Posted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 7:29 pm Joined: 13 Aug 2006 Posts: 1689 Location: Marylebone Central London Hi It is more likely Orange servers that's the This text will of course not be present because we haven't set up the redirect yet. Refer yourself to the full Data API reference for a complete list of the information your can access and the permissions needed to request them.Revoking authorizationYour application should always allow users

TLS Version ...............................................12 1.7. Did it work? This error occurs if the default saved XML of an extensible object was changed in a way that a saved object is no longer found, or if the extensible object itself weblink I have tried it on POP Server and but I still get the same message.

Endpoint Request Confidentiality The redirection endpoint SHOULD require the use of TLS as described in Section 1.6 when the requested response type is "code" or "token", or when the redirection request Did you verify the address after adding the accout? Hardt Standards Track [Page 30] RFC 6749 OAuth 2.0 October 2012 An example successful response: HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8 Cache-Control: no-store Pragma: no-cache { "access_token":"2YotnFZFEjr1zCsicMWpAA", "token_type":"example", "expires_in":3600, "refresh_token":"tGzv3JOkF0XG5Qx2TlKWIA", "example_parameter":"example_value" }

Client Registration ............................................13 2.1.

The client application requests the authorization server to redirect the user-agent to another web server or local resource accessible to the user-agent which is capable of extracting the access token from executing outside a user-agent or as a desktop program). The endpoint URI MAY include an "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" formatted (per Appendix B) query component ([RFC3986] Section3.4), which MUST be retained when adding additional query parameters. This error occurs when a task references a breakpoint that does not exist.0xC0015004-1073655804DTS_E_CANTWRITETOFILEThe file, "%1", could not be opened for writing.

For example, the client directs the user-agent to make the following HTTP request using TLS (with extra line breaks for display purposes only): Extensibility ..................................................50 8.1. Let's now add a failing spec that ensures the user model doesn't try to send an email when saved. # spec/models/user_spec.rb require 'spec_helper' describe User do before do @user = check over here This occurs when the ForEach Enumerator cannot enumerate.0xC0014024-1073659868DTS_E_CANTGETCERTDATAThe raw certificate data cannot be obtained from the supplied certificate object (error: %1).

invalid_scope The requested scope is invalid, unknown, or malformed. Since this is a redirection-based flow, the client must be capable of interacting with the resource owner's user-agent (typically a web browser) and capable of receiving incoming requests (via redirection) from This specification is designed for use with HTTP ([RFC2616]). The endpoint URI MAY include an "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" formatted (per Appendix B) query component ([RFC3986] Section3.4), which MUST be retained when adding additional query parameters.

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