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Server Returned Error 2. Only Absolute Filenames Allowed


loaded_ret_atoms() = cover_compiled | preloaded Checks if Module is loaded. Linux Clock Problem07. pending_on_load A previously loaded module contains an -on_load function that never finished. I feel like sending you flowers for this! –Forty-Two Feb 27 '13 at 14:34 1 Just to add something: if you still want to use an absolute path (I prefer navigate here

lsv_amin must run 'suid listserv', which means it must have permissions 4755 and be owned by 'listserv'. It doesn't appear to affect anything, but it's very annoying. ok = code:finish_loading(Prepared), %% Resume the application.

prepare_loading(Modules) ->                   {ok, Prepared} | {error, [{Module, What}]} Types: Modules = [Module | {Module, Filename, Binary}] Module = module() Filename = file:filename() Binary = Windows error 2140 is thrown when attempting to start LISTSERV When attempting to start LISTSERV, Windows error 2140 is thrown and LISTSERV does not start.

Tftp Error Codes

If the module is preloaded, preloaded is returned. cannot lstat error when tryin to remove a file in centos. An error tuple is returned if the argument type is correct, but there are some other errors (for example, a non-existing directory is specified to set_path/1). Please try again in about 30 seconds, and report the problem if it persists for more than a few minutes.

Synchronization event error 14 2.2. Why is IETFHDR incompatible with (for instance) subject tags?. 44 5.41. How do license points work?. 38 5.29. RFC1047 describes nearly the same problem described in the preceding paragraph but is related more to connections timing out after the "." signifying the end of the message body arrives but

A solution to the problem as described by RFC1047 may be to raise your MTA's timeout for the site in question, perhaps from 5 to 10 minutes. Tftp-hpa Config it's the same as before'm getting the same errors... Under NT 1.8d, "wa" searches/logins fail with a CGI error 15 2.4. [LISTSERV for Windows NT with LSMTP only] Mail sent to LISTSERV loops and a "554 message looping" error is All of its essential functions can be accessed through a plain-text email interface. 5.3.

Save the 'go' script. 4. For example, loading module Module on a node Node is done as follows: ... {_Module, Binary, Filename} = code:get_object_code(Module), rpc:call(Node, code, load_binary, [Module, Filename, Binary]), ...

root_dir() -> file:filename() Returns The first error example shows what you get either when LSMTP Lite is being used as the outbound mailer, or when you have mail-merge explicitly disabled in LSMTP Classic. (LSMTP Lite up vote 2 down vote favorite So I was trying to upload a 1kb text file to my ftp server but this error comes up: The remote server returned an error:

Tftp-hpa Config

Generally this is caused by mistyping the LAK material by hand, or by attempting to change any aspect of the LAK from its original settings. navigate to this website Multiple counters in the same list Is the ability to finish a wizard early a good idea? Tftp Error Codes not_purged The object code could not be loaded because an old version of the code already existed. Tftp Permission Denied After completion during restart I receiver two errors: Error: sil: only 3/4 metadata /dev/sda Error: sil: only 3/4 metadata /dev/sdb I assume this is in regards to the hardware configuration with

Both old and current code for a module are valid, and can even be evaluated concurrently. check over here Note carefully: If you're not running LSMTP to handle your outbound mail, LEAVE THIS VARIABLE SET TO ITS DEFAULT! 2.10. Linux Get Root04. I have an executable customize command response with prefix for error messages only location: - date: January 3, 2014 I'm writing a bash script that retrieves apparent disk usage for Filezilla

The code server uses module erl_prim_loader in ERTS (possibly through erl_boot_server) to read code files from archives. Error 2 occurs when trying to access archive notebooks via "wa" (unix only) I've installed the 'wa' interface on my unix LISTSERV server. You may also want to apply certain of the available "hot fixes", for instance the one that prevents SYN attacks, at your discretion. We also recommend applying Service Pack 4 for his comment is here Normally, Loaded is the absolute filename Filename from which the code is obtained.

first we create a file: 'File.Create()'. –Porphan Jun 13 '13 at 4:26 @Porphan - No, UploadFile handles that for you. I recieve this error everytime dBUG> dn Downloading Image 'vmlinux.bin' from TFTP Error #2: Only absolute filenames allowed So I then checked the /tftpboot folder. The problem is that your outbound mailer does not support LISTSERV mail-merge.

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The problem is that the file is really there, and as far as I can tell it has the proper permissions. LISTSERV.MYCORP.COM sends out "From: WWW.MYCORP.COM" 28 5.12. There is probably some code in there installed at some point which does not work when in TCP/IP mode. These *.mail files contain lines like HELO LISTSERV.EXAMPLE.COM XMRG FROM: VERSION=1 XDFN NAME="Jane User" XDFN *FROM=owner-TEST*JANE**EXAMPLE*[email protected] RCPT TO:[email protected] and sendmail appears to be having a problem with them.

This should give you something like [rerun]root:/etc/mail# ps ax | grep sendmail 2299 ? S 0:00 sendmail: accepting connections 12423 pts/0 S 0:00 grep sendmail and will tell you duplicated A module is included more than once in Modules. Thus, Filename is not opened and read by the code server. When the choice of directories in the code path is strict, the directory that ends up in the code path is exactly the stated one.

Comment this out if you want dnl to accept email over the network. Failed calls to fopen() LISTSERV is running, but mail to LISTSERV is bouncing back with errors like lsv_amin: Unable to deliver mail to: owner-listserv lsv_amin: *Error(13)** A call to Accidentally modified .bashrc and now I cant login despite entering password correctly Why does Fleur say "zey, ze" instead of "they, the" in Harry Potter? If the module is Cover-compiled (see cover(3)), Loaded==cover_compiled.

all_loaded() -> [{Module, Loaded}] Types: Module = module() Loaded = loaded_filename() loaded_filename() =     (Filename :: file:filename()) | loaded_ret_atoms() Filename is an absolute