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Server Error Unable To Extend An Id Table Insufficient Memory

The HUB initiates a PUSH\PULL replication (with no document restrictions) every 30mins, logs show no replication errors. II. Additional Notes Answers Attachment 1Answers Attachment 2Answers Attachment 3Answers Attachment 4Answers Attachment 5 Send your comments to:[email protected]:Good Technology makes all reasonable efforts to verify this information. There are additional benefits with the new compaction I. navigate here

So, full text index should be rebuilt after database running "compact - replica", ex: have to use updall -X. Allowing access to the database during the compact (except during the short duration of a rename phase) provides a reasonable trade-off to the longer duration compact of the database. PostgreSQL function not executed when called from inside CTE What is Salesforce DX? Und da gibt es etwas Neues: Error: "Unable To Extend an ID Table - Insufficient Memory" Neu ist der Replica-Style-Compact: Compacting domlog.nsf (Domino Web Server Log (6)), -replica domlog.nsf Compacted

System has 1 GB Ram and ... (Harish K Kommar... 27.Dec.99) . . We were then able to compact at will. Create new registration Member Tools RSS Feeds RSS feeds All forum posts RSSAll main topics RSSMore Lotus RSS feeds Resources Resources Forum use and etiquette Native Notes Access Web site Feedback There's actually a POST on web, forget url right now, that says also try setting to 1 then 0.

Which kind of "ball" was Anna expecting for the ballroom? I deleted docs, copied to another DB. Currently there is no way to display how full these would be. You will have to replicate this new DB on all your servers.

Dabei ist leider ein mir bis dahin unbekannter Fehler aufgetreten: Compacting domlog.nsf (Domino Web Server Log (6)), -c -i -d -F domlog.nsf Error compacting domlog.nsf, -c -i -d -F domlog.nsf: Labels: 7.1.x and Earlier Agents Backing Up Backup and Recovery Error messages NetBackup 0 Kudos Reply 2 Replies hbchadp5 (getting same error for all skipped files Failed:0x1902 Titus_Bandugula Level 4 Certified I don't think I've ever tried calling C API functions from LotusScript on Win64 + 64bit Domino, and it wouldn't surprise me if the declarations would have to be adjusted. Compacting domlog.nsf (Domino Web Server Log (6)), -c -i -d -F domlog.nsf Error compacting domlog.nsf, -c -i -d -F domlog.nsf: Unable to extend an ID table - insufficient memory.

VOX : Backup and Recovery : NetBackup : Files skipped while backing up Notes Databases (.n... Hmmm... Replace - a. I researched this a while back.

I'll try the agent again, and will post results here. –nick wall Dec 12 '12 at 18:32 I haven't blogged in so long! RE: Unable to extend an ID table - ... (Victoria J Naug... 27.Jul.00) . . . . Check this posting... (ON admin 28.Jun.10) Printer-friendly Search this forum Search this forum Sign In or Register Sign In or Register Sign in Forgot your password? I deleted the documents, but I am left with a database it appears I can't copy or replicate, receiving error: Unable to extend an ID table - insufficient memory.

I never did contact IBM support about this, as it was really just a side project for me. check over here Changed purge interval to 0 days as described here, also set purge date into future: ...same thing. Use this option, for example, to solve database corruption problems. Did I participate in the recent DDOS attacks?

still on 6.x time to move 7.x family. 6.x is reaching EOL Lotus Notes D:\Lotus\Domino\Data\activity.nsf')(2.7GB) Failed:0x13AA:Cannot backup a database while it is being compacted. Then ran a: load compact mycleandb.nsf -B ...same thing. I've followed your blogs\ writings for years with great interest, so firstly...hi there. his comment is here Both errors are indicative of a corrupted or fragmented ID table in the database, which can be caused by general corruption or a large number of documents (active or deleted).

Note Copy Phase - Outputs to a new temp copy of database the notes, keeping existing and deleted notes in contiguous sets to avoid ID table fragmentation b. Watson Product Search Search None of the above, continue with my search Error: "Unable To Extend an ID Table - Insufficient Memory" Technote (troubleshooting) Problem Error: "Unable To Extend an ID The compact happens in phases as below : 1.

In order to determine which mail server the GMC/GMM is accessing, check the logs. (See Question Tab->Directory Assistance configuration section to find out the main Domino Server from where the GMC

Declare Private Sub IDDestroyTable Lib wAPIModule Alias "IDDestroyTable" _ ( ByVal hT As Long) Declare Private Function IDScan Lib wAPIModule Alias "IDScan" _ ( ByVal hT As Long, ByVal F As RE: Unable to extend an ID table - ... (Harish K Kommar... 19.Jun.00) . . . . Lotus Notes:\D:\Lotus\Domino\data\mail\hsharma.nsf Lotus Notes:\D:\Lotus\Domino\data\mail\plad.nsf Lotus Notes:\D:\Lotus\Domino\data\mail\risksupp.nsf Lotus Notes:\D:\Lotus\Domino\data\mail\sayadav.nsf Lotus Notes:\D:\Lotus\Domino\data\mail\shnair.nsf Lotus Notes:\D:\Lotus\Domino\data\mail\ssivakum.nsf Lotus Notes:\E:\lotus\domino\data2\mail\bchawan.nsf Lotus Notes:\E:\lotus\domino\data2\mail\fcyinwardinvestigation.nsf 0 Kudos Reply version and OS of Lotus V4 Level 6 Partner Accredited ‎07-22-2012 C++ Get min / max value of a static array at compile time How to explain the concept of test automation to a team that only knows manual testing?

The ID Tables contain ranges of ID's so the size is variable. The set-up details are as follows:- Master server (mstnetbkp), NBU version 6.5.4,O.S Sun Solaris 10. This is accomplished via the compact utility with a new set of switches to control the new functionality. weblink Not the answer you're looking for?

Has anyone else had this trouble and if so, how do I get around this? during backup make sure there is no maintenance or compaction is ran also check of sufficient temp area, memory consumption. 0 Kudos Reply Contact Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions Knowledge Base Of course, deleting the newest stubs first is the exact reverse of what you want to do in practice, but this strategy might work around the limitation on idtables. Submit feedback to IBM Support 1-800-IBM-7378 (USA) Directory of worldwide contacts Contact Privacy Terms of use Accessibility United States English English IBM® Site map IBM IBM Support Check here to

Probably proceed 2 steps to copy the docs. –Emmanuel Gleizer Dec 11 '12 at 7:16 @Emmanuel Thanks for your replies. From Richard's post below, I may have run into some limitation...but to answer your second question, that's exactly what I did. If there is any issues synching from Domino to SQL, the info about the problem is located in these logs, here's the path to the logs: GMM Server Log path: C:\Program All I'm after is a new copy, not a replica, see replica issue below, so I issued another give me a new copy without deletion stubs, it's my understanding that

I have resolved the issue, but unfortunately not as a non-replica. Enabling Directory Assistance grants connectivity to multiple address books and includes a link to the Mail Servers which picks up the setting.Directory assistance configuration Verify the Output for this Domino I always ran it on a client. Otherwise, search result will be incorrect and list the new docs which occupying original NoteID.

Code has been added to better utilize fragmented space, allowing more IDs to be stored after the huge ID tables have been in use for some time Supporting Information: Even though If deleted and use purge interval, only seemed to remove 10,000ish stubs at a time, too long for 835,000 stubs.