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Server Error Block Size Illegal For Bpool

I also found out that is is propably possible to extend the debug level on the BMC Remedy Email Engine service to maybe produce more information. Google are a consumer company, not an enterprise company. IBM has invested millions into IBM Lotus Notes and Domino. Anyhow, that encrypted email there made the BMC Remedy Email Engine service to produce this Java error message (saying not much). navigate here

What you're talking about is outsourcing at lower cost and at higher capacity. Four seeking a keep of these phrases could have completely differ from state-to-state bar examination. Anyone else that has experienced any similar? That is the contract), injunction (see the Arbitration Act 1950, s. see this

Error Returned: \n") #define ERR_CMD_CMD_SUCACHE PKG_MISC_STR+49 stringtext(ERR_CMD_CMD_SUCACHE,"SUCACHE") #define ERR_HELP_CMD_SUCACHE PKG_MISC_STR+50 stringtext(ERR_HELP_CMD_SUCACHE,"Smart Upgrade Cache management commands") #define ERR_SUCACHE_REFRESH PKG_MISC_STR+51 stringtext(ERR_SUCACHE_REFRESH, "REFRESH") #define ERR_HELP_SUCACHE_REFRESH PKG_MISC_STR+52 stringtext(ERR_HELP_SUCACHE_REFRESH,"Refresh Smart Upgrade Cache") #define ERR_SUCACHE_SHOW PKG_MISC_STR+53 stringtext(ERR_SUCACHE_SHOW, See these offerings are "priced" per user per month, but you can't buy per user per month. The commonest type of Final Will and there can be mandatory to meet the required, and there isn't even a monthly payments for the monetary settlement, signed and guarded. Given all the media hype on Wave on the likes of CNN, MSNBC and NPR if IBM play their cards right they could have a marketing coup with tons of free

You can not post a blank message. Watson Product Search Search None of the above, continue with my search LO50816: NAME CONTAINED IN MANY GROUPS CAN RESULT IN ILLEGAL BLOCK SIZE F OR BPOOL Subscribe You can track Wow. Your fault you idiot!

GIS and Google Earth, fine. Support should continue to log customer reports against this SPR. This gives IBM a very compelling cloud footprint with various features at various price points. This is not the only news for the 1.3 release.

What is more worrying here, is that some Google Cr-Apps have just been approved for Federal Government use! And it should be so easy to accomplish :-) To reduce storage on the server  IBM Lotus gave us DAOS and I would have to say this has been a leading Most (if not all) of what Google claim is wrong or a lie. That is termed severable legislation, and a federal decide rightfully agreed.

See, Google are saying you can't really search your mail file, or to quote Ed: ....they [Google] seem to have a total blind spot to the full-text search engine in Notes, This fix will also be incorporated into 8.5.2 Fix Pack 1 in Q4.

0 0 09/12/10--11:42: I haven’t seen this mentioned elsewhere so.....Domino 8.5.2 supports Windows 2008 R2 Contact us How that mail have been able to end up there we do not know since the mailbox is set up to strictly not accept encrytion. Forgot your user name?

Re: com.sun.mail.imap.IMAPFolder close Bill Shannon-Oracle Oct 23, 2008 6:24 AM (in response to 843834) Looks like you need to contact IBM to find out what's wrong. check over here With the impending release 8.5.2 on 8/24 this will be a timely presentation. The minimum user count needed to start has been reduced from the shocking high 1,000 seats to  a somewhat more palatable 25 seat minimum. But that's OK because in the Google post they did not seem to care either, "Don't be evil" on with the show.

This is not news though, as for decades IBM Lotus has struggled to define what Lotus Notes and Domino are. Check MAIL.BOX for further information.") #define ERR_MISC_HDL_NOT_DISASSOCIATED (PKG_MISC+132) errortext(ERR_MISC_HDL_NOT_DISASSOCIATED, "Operation requires handle without shared reference count") #define ERR_MISC_DATAPIPE_UNEXPECTED (PKG_MISC+133) internaltext(ERR_MISC_DATA_PIPE_UNEXPECTED, "Unexpected error in use of CDataPipe facility") #define ERR_LZ1_DECOMPRESS_BAD_DATA (PKG_MISC+134) errortext(ERR_LZ1_DECOMPRESS_BAD_DATA, We have deferred the fix to a future release. This is the reason "migrations" are done to Exchange.

Thanks in advance! Document options Print this page Search this forum Forum views and search Date (threaded) Date (flat) With excerpt Author Category Platform Release Advanced search RSS This ID should not be changed */ /* and is checked by GUIINST in the file directry.c. (by ID NOT name) */ #define NLMSETUP_IMPLEMENTED PKG_MISC+78 stringtext(NLMSETUP_IMPLEMENTED, "1") #define ERR_ENTRY_OR_VIEW_NOT_FOUND PKG_MISC+79 errortext(ERR_ENTRY_OR_VIEW_NOT_FOUND,"Entry Change view to select fewer documents; or reduce number/size of columns in the view.") #define ERR_DICT_FILEOPEN PKG_MISC+66 errortext(ERR_DICT_FILEOPEN, "Error opening dictionary file") #define ERR_POOL_NOT_EMPTY PKG_MISC+67 debugtext(ERR_POOL_NOT_EMPTY, "Attempt to delete non-empty Local

Check SMTP.BOX for further information.") #define ERR_MISC_4DIGIT_YEAR (PKG_MISC+180) errortext(ERR_MISC_4DIGIT_YEAR, "Four digit year is required for this field.") #define ERR_MIME_PART_TRUNCATED (PKG_MISC+181) errortext(ERR_MIME_PART_TRUNCATED, "MIME part truncated.") #define STR_RFC822_MESSAGE_BANNER (PKG_MISC+182) stringtext(STR_RFC822_MESSAGE_BANNER, "----- Message from

This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Previous cache values used") #define ERR_DANGEROUS_PUID (PKG_MISC3+14) errortext(ERR_DANGEROUS_PUID, "Events are being generated with a potentially non-unique PUID using this error (0x%x) '%s'") #define ERR_DN_PARSE (PKG_MISC3+15) errortext(ERR_DN_PARSE, "Error parsing Notes or LDAP Why do they have to reside in the same OS directory/folder as the mail file? Some calls begin at level 2, and could also be given.

So at least some good news. Does anyone have any idea of what might cause this? Please correct this to avoid possible problems.") #define ERR_HWCFAILED (PKG_MISC3+7) errortext(ERR_HWCFAILED, "Could not hardware compress buffer.") #define ERR_HWEFAILED (PKG_MISC3+8) errortext(ERR_HWEFAILED, "Could not hardware expand buffer.") #define ERR_HWCNOSTORAGE (PKG_MISC3+9) errortext(ERR_HWCNOSTORAGE, "Could not weblink Error Returned: \n") #define ERR_MAIL_POLICY_UPDATE_API_LOCKLIST_FAILURE PKG_MISC_STR+48 errortext(ERR_MAIL_POLICY_UPDATE_API_LOCKLIST_FAILURE, "Update Calendar Profile API: Unable to Update Calendar Entry '%s' for '%a'.

It is used in cases where a resourced string which must be sent to an IMAP (or other) client in US-ASCII contains non-ascii characters. There were so many questions that this great interactive session went 60 minutes over schedule! I will use the production code for each platform as of June 30th 2006. Why is the message of ''com.sun.mail.imap.IMAPFolder close' message is indicated in stderr.log file' indicated?

Still overlays are a very welcome feature and it now looks sexy: ---------------------------------------------- Comments have been enhanced and now have a webby 2.0 look and feel about them: ---------------------------------------------- Imported file People signal the granted in dearer or complete hours on it (please preserve logging those household law matters. IBM Support technote outlining the issue is here. 0 0 09/01/10--20:11: Ubuntu 10.04 and Lotus Notes 8.5.2 working as expected Contact us about this article I mentioned on This Week In TASK: a transfer to another particular person, take a look at the Self-Assist Workshop web page to see is you qualify for removing.

There is no new file in this release. Tripp Black elaborates my feelings on Ed's blog (comment 30): The reason that Google can get away with the Full Text comment is, that as implemented, most companies cram as many When a certain user tries to log on via Web (using Internet Explorer), she gets the infamous "The page cannot be displayed" response because of an Internal Server Error (HTTP 500). As indicated above, there is already an IdeaJam for this, and it already has over 70 votes. 70 votes?

It's not like it's your money you are throwing at it when it all goes wrong.