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This is the URL where the 404 error is occurring is linked on the referring page (the page that contains the broken link). Our engineering team is still investigating expanding our libraries but an ETA is not available quite yet. It's true: we're pickier than web crawlers used by search engine companies. Long URL A good URL is descriptive and concise. navigate here

I'm not a designer so we went with a "premium" wp template and started tweaking from there. All sites behind CloudFlare, CloudFront etc. But yes, it's fully customized. You should be able to find it at

803 Error

A 904 error generally indicates significant errors with the site server. My first thought was that I must've made a mistake when setting things up on the CDN. But after a little digging I found the problem: Moz simply does not support SSL However, if you have provided a username and password for the URL (see Password-Protected Device Monitoring), then the 401 Unauthorized response is treated as an Error Type 805, since this probably Cause 2 You have no permission to access the folder.

How to Use There is no way to deactivate monitoring for Error Type 805. Hope this helps, Dirk Edited 6 months ago by Dirk Ceuppens Respond Vote up 1 Vote down 0 ✓ Good Answer KristinaKeyser - Endorsed Apr 22, 2016 Staff Endorsed Good Answer You can check it with a tool like Respond Vote up 1 Vote down 0 ★☆☆☆☆ Jorge Garcia Feb 22, 2016 Hi Lucas, Thank you for the quick response. Screaming Frog If I ask for a dedicated IP will that fix my issue?  Any other steps to take?

That protects you! Moz Support Simply follow the EDIT link for that URL on your Account Summary Page, and re-submit the form (no editing required). Sep 09, 2015 Hey there - sorry if there was a miscommunication but we do in fact support SSL, however at this time we do not support SNI (Server Name Identification) Remedy Delete the unnecessary documents and documents with errors from memory to increase the amount of available memory. (See "Scan and Store," "Fax/I-Fax Inbox," and "Access Stored Files.") #107 Cause 1

Remedy 2 Set Maximum Data Size for Sending in E-Mail/I-Fax Settings in Send in Function Settings (Settings/Registration) so that it is less than the mail server capability. (See [Maximum Data Size Ssl Checker To fix broken links: open a text editor (or your web development program) and load the HTML file for the page with the 4xx error. This can be done by adding more information, ideas, product descriptions, or anything that can make it differ from other pages on the domain. All error conditions are triple-checked before notifications are sent to you.

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Even if your visitors never see a response code, the code is still there--and it's there because your web server issues a response code for each and every HTTP connection. Remedy 1 Set Allow SSL in Communication Settings in E-Mail/I-Fax Settings in Send in Function Settings (Settings/Registration) to 'Off'. (See [E-Mail/I-Fax Settings] in "Settings/Registration Table.") Remedy 2 Add the same encryption 803 Error Check the DNS server name in DNS Settings in TCP/IP Settings in Network in Preferences (Settings/Registration). (See [E-Mail/I-Fax Settings] in "Settings/Registration Table.")Check that the DNS server is functioning normally. #803 Cause Http Error Code Moz has said they are working on a fix but that ‘an ETA is not available quite yet'.

Cause 3 A timeout error occurred on the server while connecting to the POP server. check over here If a Web server returns an HTTP error message in response to Keynote Red Alert's request for a URL or Transaction, then Error Type 805 is reported to you, along with Respond Vote up 1 Vote down 0 ★☆☆☆☆ Roel Masselink CEO / Founder at Crowdsite B.V. In summary if you purchase a dedicated IP and a SSL certification you're problem should go away unless you specifically declare content as http.   Hope this helps, Don Some attachments Sni

Respond Vote up 1 Vote down 0 Lucas Rafagnin CTO at Mar 21, 2016 Hey Jansen, A few tips from me, hope it helps:1. Remedy Check the POP Server name in E-Mail/I-Fax Settings in Send in Function Settings (Settings/Registration). (See [E-Mail/I-Fax Settings] in "Settings/Registration Table.")Confirm that the POP server is functioning normally. Cause 2 An original was not scanned properly, or the orientation of the original was incorrect. I've used to check what I can (and I'm not sure what i'm looking for) but this info is the only part I can see an "error" (and have no

How long is this going to take to resolve? Seomoz Remedy 1 Change the current date and time in Date/Time Settings in Timer/Energy Settings in Preferences (Settings/Registration). (See [Date/Time Settings] in "Settings/Registration Table.") Remedy 2 Change the current time set in Some examples include: Missing status lines, headers, or both: Our crawler attempted to interpret a header line as a status line, or a batch of HTML as a set of headers.

Go to Just type in without http/https.

Un-pause/Resume Cloudflare Download your results from Moz As step 8 implies, you'll be getting a spreadsheet of results versus seeing it in you campaign, which isn't the best thing, but it's GoDaddy, Google, AWS, and a handful of others are all doing using SNI. In all cases, make sure that any redirects on your site allow your campaign crawl to function within the scope you specify. 603 Invalid Content-Type 603 errors are rare and result Search Console Remedy Ask the sender to change the file format and resend the data. #819 Cause 1 You have received data that cannot be processed (MIME information is incorrect).

For secure servers, the keyword must appear within the first 28 kilobytes of HTML and text (images are ignored). We have been using  cloudlfare for probably a year and all of a sudden I am getting the 804 errors on our SSL. Respond Vote up 3 Vote down 0 James Kaiser Helpster at Moz Inc. weblink This might be an issue with the SSL certificates your site is setup with.

Will give these settings to another user to see if it works.  Thanks again! Please make sure you're not blocking AWS. 905 Server refused our connection request Moz tried to connect to the site but the server responded with an explicit refusal of our connection. As long as there isn’t a lone “/” in the disallow section rogerbot will be able to crawl the site. This is to your advantage.

The domain name or e-mail address may not be set. Respond Vote up 5 Vote down 0 ★☆☆☆☆ Joel Gaslin May 27, 2016 Same problem here. All browsers except IE on Windows XP and the default browser in Android 2.0 supports SNI. Remedy 2 Check the security settings of the WebDAV server. #870 Cause 1 Received a response from the destination stating that the request was denied when sending with WebDAV (received HTTP

Search Engine Blocked by Robots.txt This page cannot be crawled by search engines due to the robots.txt protocol. Remedy 1 Resend the document at a lower resolution. To resolve 7xx errors, configure your robots.txt file to allow search engines to crawl your site. 701 Googlebot is banned from home page 702 Msnbot (Bing) is banned from home page We are seeing the same issue with Respond Vote up 2 Vote down 0 ★☆☆☆☆ Roald Reurink Jun 23, 2016 We have the same problem at , we can't turn

They can result from a site blocking Moz's IP address ranges, or from a server deliberately returning errors instead of successes if it receives too many requests from the same IP Respond Vote up 1 Vote down 0 ★☆☆☆☆ giorgio vitale Dec 06, 2015 same problem for me. Let me know if this helps and if you are able to isolate the cause with the configuration.  Respond Vote up 2 Vote down 0 ✓ Good Answer Good Answer ZaddleMarketing Sybase Inc.

Error Type 804: Keyword not found in first 28K, or data transmission stopped for 30 seconds Description This error type applies only to secure URLs and Transactions, not to other types