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From experience, a JVM bug is the least likely of these (although I've seen some). Good luck! java linux share|improve this question asked Oct 21 '13 at 9:12 juan 100313 Have you tried looking at the core dump in gdb? –KepaniHaole Oct 21 '13 at 9:15 This is the accepted answer. Check This Out

See CONF-15247 for a resolution. SystemAdmin 110000D4XK 2736 Posts Re: Segmentation error with J9 JVM 6 SR2 when using JNI ‏2008-12-12T09:20:51Z This is the accepted answer. SystemAdmin 110000D4XK ‏2008-12-12T09:20:51Z Hi Christoph So, 1) we know that when your code allocates huge amounts of automatic storage on the main thread's stack (which we cannot control the size of) However, without the weaved classe, I have a whole different problem set which might well have obscured the segfaults, so I can't assume causality here. –Hanno Fietz Aug 30 '11 at More about the author

Java Segmentation Fault Core Dumped

The following may appear in the atlassian-confluence.log: [ERROR\] Thu Apr 08 11:43:05 PDT 2010 [com.atlassian.renderer.v2.V2Renderer\] Unable to render content due to system error: null Throwable: java.lang.StackOverflowError at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass1(Native Method) at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass( We run Jasper under Tomcat 6.0.20. See questions about this article Powered by Confluence and Scroll Viewport Atlassian Support Ask the community Provide product feedback Contact technical support Atlassian Privacy Policy Terms of use Security Copyright © Upgrade to 3.2 or later.

My question remains as why this is not possible on the main thread. The following appears in the atlassian-jira.log: # # A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment: # # SIGSEGV (0xb) at pc=0x################, pid=#####, tid=############### # # JRE version: Log in to reply. Segmentation Fault In Linux The solution for this problem can be found in Oracle Support Doc ID 1387763.1: Simply set the JAVA_COMPILER environment variable to "NONE" and you're good to go: $ export JAVA_COMPILER=NONE $

Other Java programs run just fine, and the JVM from Sun is probably more stable than my code. Java Debug Segmentation Fault Hi Mark 1) Yes. 2) I do not know and do not really care, but I have been observing that setting no or too small an -Xoss results in a stack IBM already has a previous PMR opened on the matter. Just adding a large variable on the stack circumvents the problem.

JVMDUMP032I JVM requested System dump using 'D:\[WORKSPACE]\run\core.20111221.134229.4664.0001.dmp' in response to an event I've downloaded IBM's support assistant and have been able to analyze it to a degree, but nothing jumps out Jni Java This is still not an issue to be addressed in the runtime. The stack size for threads created in native code, or for the main thread, cannot be changed by the JVM. just plain JDBC with bouncycastle on JDK 1.6..

Java Debug Segmentation Fault

We are currently installing a patch provided by the IBM support and we will see what happen.  Post Edited by frab42 at 06/09/2010 15:43 frab42 7 Joined: Mar 6 2009 - The real use of the JNI interface accesses much more code (the compiled libraryr has a size of nearly 80MB), so you cannot know where this problem would strike again. Java Segmentation Fault Core Dumped Also, if you're writing JNI code I recommend testing with the -Xcheck:jni option which will help detect common JNI mistakes. /peter Log in to reply. Java Segfault Linux ps -aux | grep java Windows Hit ctrl-alt-delete and check for java.exe in the running programs.

I'm not convinced that the runtime is flawed, at least in this respect. his comment is here What is a good checklist when approaching a bug like this? Start java program in java debugger, with breakpoint well before possible sigsegv. Hi Christoph, The documentation for the -Xoss option may be slightly misleading. J9generic_signal_number=00000004 Signal_number=0000000b Error_value=00000000 Signal_code=00000033

Nievergelt 060001420P 7 Posts Re: Segmentation error with J9 JVM 6 SR2 when using JNI ‏2008-12-08T10:15:26Z This is the accepted answer. SystemAdmin 110000D4XK 2736 Posts Re: Segmentation error with J9 JVM 6 SR2 when using JNI ‏2008-12-03T11:04:09Z This is the accepted answer. My guess (and it's only a guess) is that your code breaks the stack and you just happened to get away with it on other JREs. this contact form Using the debugger, I found that a memset call for the last large character array (4000000 bytes) triggered the fault.

Atlassian Documentation  Log in JIRA Knowledge Base JIRA Crashes due to Segmentation Fault in Java 8 JVM Problem The JIRA process crashes with a segmentation fault. Jrockit Unanswered question This question has not been answered yet. That is irrelevant.

I don't think you should make that assumption.

It turns out that this is a common problem on AIX hosts. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up How do I debug Segfaults occuring in the JVM when it runs my code? It is the second time we had that error at this place. Segmentation Fault In C Word for a German "Ausflugscafé" - a cafe mainly catering to people taking a walk Should there really be 1E6 ohm resistance between an anti-static wrist strap and a pc?

DOUBT As per my understandin segmentation fault occurs when program tries to access a memory address outside the programs range. If you're unwilling to do this, I think you are out of luck, frankly. Nievergelt - two questions. 1) Does your original application also call the JNI routine from the main thread? 2) Does the testcase work if you move the work to another (java-created) Updated on 2008-12-17T10:23:21Z at 2008-12-17T10:23:21Z by Nievergelt SystemAdmin 110000D4XK 2736 Posts Re: Segmentation error with J9 JVM 6 SR2 when using JNI ‏2008-12-02T17:04:53Z This is the accepted answer.

Open Source Communities Subscriptions Downloads Support Cases Account Back Log In Register Red Hat Account Number: Account Details Newsletter and Contact Preferences User Management Account Maintenance My Profile Notifications Help Log APPLIES TO AIX 5300-10".  Our Unix administrator wants to ask more questions before applying this since it impacts a lot of things in the system, I will post more when I What game is this? SystemAdmin 110000D4XK ‏2008-12-17T10:12:47Z Hi Christoph, > My question remains as why this controlling stack size is not possible > on the main thread. > Am I missing a JVM runtime option

Hi Mark, Thank you for your quick reply. I'm at a loss. It means the application has used an address that isn't mapped into the process's address space, i.e. This is the accepted answer.

We Acted. You are exceeding the stack size on a thread and it is failing.