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It does not seem to be causing any problems in 16. Still trying to >> find out more about what is going on, and I sadly can't provide more >> information before Monday when I get to work. So I'd better do some KVMs for testing just to rule out that I messed up the system while installing/reinstalling all those packages. Rename boot(flash)/extra/.4. have a peek here

I can not reproduce this. So try and error seems not to work. while i'm connecting to server by ssh or physical console, everything works fine. I think the ports are 21 (ftp), 23 (ssh) and 80 (web server) Can someone help me?

I installed every -dbg package that is available for any package installed on the system (just to be sure). Do timeout values need to be adjusted? INFO: task java:11610 blocked for more than 120 seconds. Subforums are searched automatically if you do not disable “search subforums“ below.

What is the result of: $ ls /usr/lib/pcsc/drivers/ Do you also have the crash with pcsc-lite 1.5.5? Read more... Even > rebuild the current debian redhat-cluster-suite (3.0.9) and integrated the > pacemaker-pakages, still segfaulting :-( > > > > > > I will wait for the "official" ubuntu stack rebuild Use * as a wildcard for partial matches.

I have track-calls on so pacemaker had the other machine take over.. April 2010, um 17:27:42 schrieb Pl Simensen: > Can you check your dmesg to see if DLM is segfaulting? This version is not yet in Ubuntu but is available since July 2009 from Märt Suga (mart-suga) wrote on 2010-04-15: #10 $ ls /usr/lib/pcsc/drivers/ ifd-ccid.bundle serial I have not tried This issue is most visible with bridging, cause bridged interfaces become functional much later than they are started.

October 27, 2016 Continuous micro-freezing in Ubuntu 14.04 October 27, 2016 [ubuntu] System only boots through recovery mode? We did even try bootchart > >> to see if that could provide some more information, but sadly no. VERSION Tested in Google Chrome 15.0.874.21 beta and Chromium 16.0.889.0. But pcscd hasn't crashed for few days now.

bonding disabled, vlan enabled and bridge enabled -> segfaults on both nodes bonding disabled, vlan enabled and bridge disabled -> segfaults on both nodes bonding disabled, vlan disabled and bridge enabled browse this site location: - date: November 28, 2009 I've recently loaded Ubuntu 9.1 server and installed the desktop. Updated coredump and reports are here: > > can you please do a gdb --core core.2563 -ex where -ex quit (or better, if you know how to pilot gdb). October 27, 2016 Dirty Cow fix for Ubuntu 10 October 27, 2016 How to compile kernel module in Live USB?

April 2010, um 18:50:24 schrieb Lars Ellenberg: > On Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 04:37:37PM +0200, Oliver Heinz wrote: > > Am Montag, 26. Thanks. Using active polling instead. 00000018 hotplug_libusb.c:412:HPEstablishUSBNotifications() Polling forced every 1 second(s) 00346049 winscard_msg_srv.c:239:SHMProcessEventsServer() Common channel packet arrival 00000070 winscard_msg_srv.c:248:SHMProcessEventsServer() SHMProcessCommonChannelRequest detects: 5 00000018 pcscdaemon.c:147:SVCServiceRunLoop() A new context thread creation is requested: Report bugs to

I've tried several things but none of those worked. I rebuild the complete stack with > > > > > cluster-glue 1.0.5 (which made it to the ppa repository an hour ago). > > > > > But dlm_controld.pcmk is Or should I rather try to startup pacemaker after the network is completely up? After the crash "opensc-tool --list-readers" only shows: "No smart card readers found." with any card reader.

Thanks to WordPress | Design by yul.yordanov Send to Email Address Your Name Your Email Address Cancel Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Any help would be appreciated. -eminence Server hung, with ssh & webserver unresponsive for some minutes, syslogs show: task X location: - date: October 14, 2011 The server (natty) hung Try: $ type -a pcscd Märt Suga (mart-suga) wrote on 2010-05-03: #24 Looks like thats the problem: pcscd on /usr/local/sbin/pcscd pcscd on /usr/sbin/pcscd I will try to remove the "bad" one.

It's a huge file, and I don't know C so I didn't even try to pick through it all.

Logged For help: check out the wiki: settings Full Member Posts: 114 Re: Tower/Main WebUi stops working after some time « Reply #4 on: August 06, 2012, 06:49:59 PM » Your cib is almost identical as mine (I have no IP failover, but I do have drbd). If corosync is started at boot DLM segfaults, but if it's started manually everything is ok. Rename the /boot(flash)/config/plugins directory. 2.

Mar 26 16:37:08 moria abrtd: Getting global universal unique identification... According to syslog the bridge interface is in state forwarding before dlm_controld segfaults. I see a bunch of weird CDRs but I'm not really sure what exactly was going on. But I have not yet started to work on it.

Do you use bonding or dhcp? _______________________________________________ Pacemaker mailing list: Pacemaker [at] oss Project Home: Getting started: oheinz at fbihome Apr27,2010,3:58AM Post #16 of 26 (6641 views) Permalink Re: [Ubuntu-ha]